History of St. Joseph Carmelite Monastery

St. Joseph Carmelite Monastery was established July 16, 1988. The first Holy Mass was celebrated with approximately 72 people in attendance.

The original chapel was in a mobile home and could not hold more than 15 people. Eventually, old farmhouse on the property was renovated to contain a larger chapel with some space provided for a social hall for the growing flock.

Since these humble beginnings, the monastery has continued to grow with construction of a monastery cloister for the community members and a chapel whish seats approximately 130 people, which was blessed on February 2, 2005.

Thanks to our benefactors and friends, we have been able to construct the outdoor Stations of the Cross, Rosary Garden and various other shrines for the spiritual enlightenment of all those who come here to pray.

Requests were made for a place to stay. Up to this time we are unable to provide that service. It is our hope, however, that in the future we will be able to provide a pilgrimage inn to accommodate our visitors.

We are in the process of conducting a fund drive for this purpose and hope to call it St. Therese Pilgrimage Inn. This, of course, requires time and money. So, with continued prayers, support and generosity from our patrons, benefactors and friends we will be able to bring this project into fruition.

For those who would like to make a contribution…

Devotions Schedule:

  • Holy Hour: the first Friday and Saturday of the month following the 9 a.m. Mass
  • Adoration: every Tuesday until noon following the 9 a.m. Mass
  • Fatima Devotion: the 13th of every month from May through October after the 9 a.m. Mass

Daily Mass Schedule:

Conventional Mass: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.
Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.
Services in Polish: Thursday, 9 .am.
Services in Latin: Saturday, 9 a.m.

Sunday Services, 5 p.m.

Confession is offered before Mass.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Your ad in St. Augustine Catholic says your grounds are open. Can I breeze by and experience the place? If so, I guess I can locate you from Bunnell.

  2. 5/14/14

    Dear Carmelite Fathers,

    My dear friend, Sister Rose Wangui Kuria, VHM, will be coming to Share her Kenyan mission with the St Paul’s Basilica community, on September 6 and 7. Sr. Rose asked me to see if she could find a place for her to stay and pray for several days before traveling to speak in a parish in Orlando, the following weekend. Your monastery came to my mind, as it is a beautiful site for prayer.

    I am able to offer her accommodations at our home in Holly Hill; however, I wanted to make this inquiry on her behalf.

    Please let me know when you have a moment.


    Jocelyn Bell
    Cell: 240-793-3188

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